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  Puyang city citic caigang engineering co., LTD. Is a caigang production and installation as one of the modern company,Was established2009Years6Month,Company is mainly operating caigang composite panels、Rock wool board、Polyurethane board、Single coated、Glass tile、C/ZSteel、Cement trailer and comprehensive enterprise of various kinds of colored steel fittings。We have all kinds of professional and technical personnel20More than one,The office personnel5People,Senior technician3People。

  The company is located in national historical and cultural city——Puyang city PuDong industrial concentration area。The company has strong technical strength and production strength,The production workshop1700More than square,At the same time introduced a number of modern advanced equipment,Including composite board/A rock wool board equipment、840-900A single tile equipment、840The effect of a single tile equipment、850-800A single tile equipment。

  My company produced each year caigang composite panels/Rock wool board6Million square meters,Caigang watts7Million square meters,UType of tank200Tons。

  The company has a strict management team,Based on the advanced production equipment,To ensure product quality and price advantage,Establish a good image,Constantly meet and exceed customer demand for the purpose of go hand in hand,Create brilliant。

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The company address:Henan puyang city hualong district, puyang city jin and entrance106East national highway intersection200M road
The mailbox:851802970@qq.com
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